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Last week I was fortunate enough to introduce to my class a set of iPads. Our plan is to share iPads between the two P/1 classes at the school instead of using netbooks as our primary device.  We have already faced challenges with getting the iPad’s into the classroom as we weren’t sure of the best ways to set up accounts, manage apps etc. If anyone knows of any ‘must have’ apps for using P/1 – please comment below! So far we have mainly used the cameras on the ipads to take photos of their work, especially when using materials and then scribe over it it a doodling apps. Our class ‘photographers’ have also begun to use the ipad to video or photograph particular aspects of their learning during ‘Investigations’.

We have also been continuing with our work using Google Apps for Education. Our whole school has made a move to using Google Apps to produce work both individually and collaboratively. We have noticed many benefits in working this way so far, with the greatest challenge being reliable access to wifi. As staff we have been using Google Docs to produce planning documents, limiting double handling and allowing several of us to work on the same thing at the same time. We are also using the Google calendar as a staff calendar and have begun to use a private Google website as a place to store common staff documents and information.

My other ongoing ICT project is to get our class blog going. I would like it to showcase what we are doing in class and also provide a space for reflective comment, and parental involvement. Our early attempts should happen over the coming weeks!



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  1. Class blog looks great Josh. You have been very busy! Very lucky to have a class set of ipads. You will have to keep us updated on what you are doing with them.

  2. Hi Josh,
    We introduced iPads into our Prep/1 class at the beginning of this year for many of the same reasons you have. The netbooks were unreliable and the downtime in logging on meant our younger students spent most of their time waiting for them to boot up and for sites to load.
    I have just got my class blog up and have linked the apps we started with onto a separate page. This was initially at the request of parents who wanted to know what we were using and to align these with their home devices.
    The iPads are amazing. I use them in my Daily 5 sessions for word word / listening to reading / recording read to someone and read to self tasks. The department’s ipadsforeduction site has been helpful.
    My blog is at
    Enjoy this very exciting journey. I learn something new everyday! Alison

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